About Lily Diamond

Hello!  I’m Kimberlee Traylor.   I love to brag about my amazing daughter Julee, who is a junior Biology major at Texas A&M (Whoop!). I spend my free time chauffeuring sassy high school sophomore Alyson, around and being Mom to my athletic freshman son, Christopher.  Y'all, mommin' isn't easy especially when you are EXTREMELY ADHD.  I'm uncontrollably hyper at times.  Yep! That's me and I'm not ashamed.  It is a daily struggle even with medicine!  It can also be TONS of fun!!!  Hehe.

After high school I worked for a boutique for 5 years. During that time I began making jewelry and started a wholesale jewelry line.  I had a jewelry rep, and a showroom at the Dallas Market Center.  My designs were featured in several local magazines and newspapers as well as a Houston based magazine.  

In March of 2014, I began Lily Diamond after my love for fashion collided with the realization of the impact that social media has on businesses.  At the time I was teaching and my boutique was a side gig.  Fast forward 3 years and Lily Diamond became my focus.  

Thank you for supporting my business! When you buy from a boutique whether it is me or another (big or small), you are helping a little girl get those dance lessons she begged for, a boy participate in sports, a kid go to college.

Xoxo, Kim 💗